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Life story

It was a dark night last winter, on mIRC, surfing all around.

Suddenly Ronald was shocked, a great friend has been found

They chatted a lot, lived in a dream and surfed cyber space.

Internet is now their second home, their comforting special place.


They exchanged dreams, laughed a lot and shared their tears

Helped each other to stand strong, to wipe away life's fears.

Lived together a cyber life met in Istanbul and together along

Came to Lebanon because there love was strong.


No matter how far they are, ICQ will keep them together.

They'll keep searching, trying to meet and stay forever.


Every time he gets connected and doesn't see her online

Waits  for her, entertains himself no matter how much time.

When she shows off, ICQ will gain a special touch.

A smile, an xo, a gesture signed Dita .. He loves her too much!


Her and him

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