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Traffic: Embassies:
Wanna go to Jounieh, click to see the traffic jam

Fouad Chehab Avenue - SNA Hamra

Foreign embassies in Lebanon (Arabic)

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Lebanon weather forecast

Useful Numbers

Police 961-160
Tel. Info. 961-120
Fire Brigade 961-1-445 000
Red Cross 961-140
Beirut Airport 961-1-629 065

Click here for more Useful Numbers

Business: Health:

The guide for  making a professional resume (CV)
Tough interview questions

Tax and Law: Music:
Lebanon Tax
Income tax in Lebanon

VAT in Lebanon: The Value Added Tax will be introduced shortly in Lebanon, you want to know about it?

VAT law project: Click to download the VAT law project

Police arrest, immigration schemes and lot's of useful legal services.


Music and MP3

Download free Arabic Music

Add your page and increase your traffic: Immigration to Canada:

Before applying to immigrate to Canada, it's so important to read this. You will know the requirements for immigrating. Save your money and click here.
Or go to the official site for immigration.

Arabic news: What's new Kiss to Beirut?


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 الأدب العربي

Vote for Sagesse and Riyade!
Read the Lebanese newspapers: Entertainment:




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