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Ladkieh, September 1999

My trip was good, we were about 15 guys, no girls…. Just boys….. we went on Friday, and got back on Sunday… we laughed a lot, we got in a 5 stars hotel, and you will not believe how much we paid, just 40 USD for 2 nights…. In a five stars hotel, it’s unbelievable, in general Syria is a cheap country…..

Arrived at 12:30 PM, took our rooms, and straight to the beach…… 3 hours swimming and tanning and eating…. We noticed outside the hotel that there are bicycles to rent… so we took 10 bicycles and made Ladkyeh on them….. what a trip, imagine 10 Lebanese on 10 bicycles driving on the streets singing Lebanese songs, eating ice-cream. 2 hours later, got back to the hotel, took our showers and got in the bus, we reserved for a dinner in Plaza restaurant.

The first dinner:

Of course when you go to dinner without chicks, all you have to do is to pick some of them in the restaurant…… and that’s what we did that night. But believe me, we didn’t find anyone pretty enough, to date her out….. so we just met with dancing…. Oh yes there was one interesting one. But she was the guide of the second group and she was instructed not to dance with us. So all we got from her was an excuse, Sorry guys, my boss forbids me to dance with you !!!!

We continued our party in the hotel until about 5 AM, laughing and talking about Ali, one of our friends who got sleepy about midnight and kept asking Mohammed, who was sitting beside him to go back to the hotel….

The Lunch

Saturday morning, at 10:30 AM, assorted ourselves in the bus to go to “Slounfé” a mountain about 40 Km from Ladkieh….. 1 hour and a half in the bus to arrive to a dirty restaurant, and to hear dirty singers, one of the singers was about 200 kg, and his voice were like a frog….. But believe me the situation was so funny especially when we were about to get Nisrine (the guide) fired. It’s obvious after about 15 harassment from 15 guys in our group……. It’s evident being the only good looking girl in Syria….. 

We slept all the way back to the hotel. And got us pictured by Saad, the only one who stayed awaken.

Changed our clothes and straight to the beach, made some Pedalo and got pictured to, in the middle of the sea. And laughed a lot cause there were about 4 among us who don’t swim.

In the evening, about 8 PM, we retook bicycles for the second time and did the other side of the city, took pictures especially on the double and the high bicycles….. the high bicycle was about 4 miters height. And you can’t get on without somebody’s help, and stopping is forbidden, cause you can’t put your legs on the ground to keep it steady.


The second dinner

The second dinner was good, in the most fancy restaurant in the city, but the program was so bad. And we didn’t go out from the restaurant unless fired….. and went straight to a little night swimming who lasted until 4 AM, and we went back to bed after waking up half of the hotels residents…. Only those who had the bad luck of taking there rooms beside ours…..


Last day

The program of Sunday was short; going to Tartous, and taking the boat to “Arwad Island”. And having a fancy fish dinner in a nice restaurant on the beach.

We took the boat, a private one cause it cost us about 10 cents more than the public. So we took it to see the island, it’s the only island in Syria. And what a sight!! A dirty place and you can’t believe that the people there were allowed to build there hosed on the historical palaces. But the sea was great, and we were able to see so many fishes jumping outside the water.

And finaly the lunch in the restaurant was good, every one of us were given 2 fishes to eat…. But the funniest joke was that we took less time from Syria to Jounieh, than from Jounieh to Beirut…..:-)….


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