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The Queen 

Dita, youíre me queen.
You taught me how to love, a love that I lived and seen
I feel so alone writing you this letter
Come and live beside me to make me feel better

We talked yesterday
And we made a meeting on July
But if it could be on May
I would never deny

Every time I wonder
Why were you that I chose?
Cause you are very tender
I love you, and god only knows

I wrote you emails so many times
To tell you how much I care
But I thought that when it rhymes
It would be really fair

But the only problem is
That you think that I copy
Do you want my to make a quiz
To prove you my lyric hobby

I didnít copy my poem of today
Cause it came from the heart
You will make poems one day
Youíre talented but you have to start