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Letter from a man to his girlfriend


Hello, how are you?

Well itís time to tell you what is in my heart and thoughts. I want to break

the obstacles between usÖ I know that these thoughts are the same in 

your head, but you have to know well that I donít wish and hope for you other than

to be with me and beside me forever. Because life without you is like

red hell.. Believe me, this is what I am thinking of.. So would you accept and take off

these black thoughts and letís start a new life. And change sorrows like you change

your clothes. So that people could see you in your naked reality and for me I want to cut

all my ex relationships with girls and all I wish is to be on

your hands to feel safe and comfortable. So that I can take off

the sadness that made me tired. Donít believe other than what you see in

your eyes. Donít be shocked cause this is my wish in life. Believe me your face

is the light that illuminated the darkness of my miserable life, my life was before you

miserable. Every time I look at you, I talk to you I hear in your voice like

music playing the best melodies, I canít stand listen to others, I feel like they are

moaning and biting!! I will never forget that day when I met you, it was like my

birthday in this world. And my life before you were

cursed and heavy.. Believe me this is the truth that I am sayingÖ


Until now the letter looks very normal, but if you knew that the guy wrote in the end:

Please read a line and skip the other until the end...

it will not be normal anymore...

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